Footstool Facts and Figures by Global Footstool Market Size

Footstool is an ordinary low stool which support a human foot and is used to sit on, have magazine storage function, have footstool often, store article content function, often have footstool change shoe, use canvas and flannelette material to bind. Footstools were first manufactured in 1490 in the Castle in France. They were made of wood and were called “Poncho de Pays de Chape”. People liked to sit on them so much that they were transformed into a fashionable decorative item. They became very popular in the courts of King Louis XIV.

Footstool has a long history behind it; it has been a part of our lives ever since the time it was first manufactured. A footstool has two main uses: the one is to seat people comfortably while eating or doing other activities at home or office and the other is to hold an Ottoman. Footstools are now not only used for seating but they can also be used as ottomans to hold a book or magazine; the advantage is that an Ottoman can be kept open and usually placed near the footstool. Footstools are available in many types, shapes, sizes, and colors to suit any home or office decor.

Footstools are normally made of plastic, wood, canvas, metal and other man-made materials. These days, they are often decorated with iron trims, carved designs, gold and silver paint or even beads and gemstones. Generally, a footstool is a traditional seating furniture item that provides the home or office with a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Some of the most common types of footstools include:

o Ottoman: This is probably one of the oldest types of footstools known to men. Ottoman footstools are found in three basic varieties i.e. wood, iron and plastic.

o Global Footstool Market Size: The global footstool market is actually much larger than you may think. At present, there are approximately 25 million stools being sold on the market. The global footstool market size is increasing as the people are getting more aware of how comfortable and useful this piece of furniture is.

o Footstool or Ottoman Footstools: When it comes to footstools, ottomans are the most common types that can easily be found in any home or office because of their flexibility and functionality. They are commonly known as sitting-like chairs. In fact, an Ottoman can have an additional function as a footrest i.e. if the person sits for a while, they can place their feet up and relax with a comfortable Ottoman.